The German authorities handed over, on Monday, 9 May, to the United States one of a group of «The Syrian electronic army» (hackers), «Peter Romar», accused by Washington of extorting money laundering.

According to the US «Washington Post» newspaper, on the basis of the source of the contacts U.S. law that is expected to represent «Peter Romar», one of 3 Internet pirates alleged sympathy with Syrian President Bashar al- Assad, before a federal court in the city of Alexandria, Virginia, on Tuesday.

The source said: «Germany handed over to the United States, a hacker believed to be a member in the „Syrian electronic army“, backed by Damascus, which is accused of being involved with a view to stealing information».

The source indicated that the talking is about «Peter Romar» a Syrian citizen, 36 years old, which was transferred to the state of Virginia aboard a passenger aircraft.

The Justice Ministry declared, on 22 March, the authorities directed accusations of conspiracy with regard to computer piracy three Syrians, were or are members of the «The Syrian electronic army».

The ministry added that «Ahmed Omar Agha» (22 years), «Firas Dardar» (27 years old) faced criminal charges including «circumvention with respect to a terrorist attack» and «an attempt to penetrate the US armed forces» online platform.

The ministry said that «Firas Dardar» and third person called «Peter Romar» (36 years old) faced in a separate case accusations of other orders.

In turn, the FBI announced, on 22 March, in addition to the names of the «Ahmed Omar Agha» and «Firas Dardar» a wanted list for electronic crimes and offered a reward of 100 thousand dollars reward for information leading to arrest them.

According to the statement, there is a perception that «Ahmed Omar Agha» and «Firas Dardar» still in Syria, in which their activities began in 2011 under the slogan of the «The Syrian electronic army» to send emails in support of the Syrian government.

The statement says also that the Pirates of the Internet alleged to have used a common attack uncomplicated to send messages misleading e-mail in an attempt to push their receivers to open links and upload/download harmful files or applications.

The campaign targeted computers of several media including «CNN » network, media national radio and the General Assembly, «NPR and „Associated Press“ and „Reuters“ news agency in addition to the sites belonging to the „Microsoft“ company, Harvard University and the Organization of the „Human Rights Watch“, according to the Ministry of Justice.

The three accused also of trying to hack in the White House servers and workstations repeatedly despite their attempts did not succeed.

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