About half of Germans oppose the election of Merkel for a Fourth Term

About half of Germans Opposed the German Chancellor «Angela Merkel» to go for fourth term, in this upcoming elections next year, in an indication of dealing with the immigrants crisis which still affect the popularity.

The poll, conducted by the «Ansa» opinion polls for the German «Cicero Magazine» on Wednesday, that about 48 percent do not support the phrase «I prefer to keep „Angela Merkel“ as the German Chancellor after federal elections in 2017».

The polls shows that, about 27 percent said they wanted her to continue as «the leader of the Christian Democratic Union conservative» for a fourth term, while about 25 percent said they did not have an opinion in the matter or abstained from responding.

«Cicero Magazine» clarified with the exception of the hesitant and uncaring, of two thirds of the participants in the survey oppose in a clear from the survival of Merkel in the Authority.

Merkel, decided to retain the German borders open to hundreds of thousands of refugees from the war-torn country like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The number of immigrants who entered Germany culminating into more than ten thousand refugees a day last fall, but this retreat in the form of this year because of the closure of the Greek border with the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union with Turkey, which prevent refugees from crossing the Aegean Sea to the European Union.

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