The European Parliament Wednesday 11 MAY, has suspended discuss the issue of abolition visas for Turkey’s citizens who wish to visit the European Union countries.

One Parliament members, from the Netherlands «Yodit Sebel», that the President of the European Parliament «Martin Schulz» said we will start the discussion of this issue after Turkey implement all the 72 conditions that he EU has appointed for turkey to agree & implement, according to the «EUobserver.»

It is worth mentioning that the abolition of visas between Turkey and the European Union is part of the agreement reached by the Ankara and the member states of the European Union concerning the accommodation of refugees.
Which Turkey should implement the 72 conditions appointed by the European Union.

The European Commission has proposed to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union of cancelling the entry visa to the EU countries for Turkish citizens, if Ankara managed to implement the last 5 conditions from the list of the European conditions, including special measures for the reduction of corruption in Turkey, and negotiations to reach an agreement with «Europol», with fully judicial cooperation with all EU Members, and the adaptation of the rules for the protection of data with the European specifications, and amendment of the laws on combating terrorism.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has strongly criticized the stand of the European Commission, confirming that his country would not change its laws to fight terrorism, and Turkey is going in the «way».

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