Former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tuesday, 10 May, that the area south of the Mediterranean witnessing instability at all levels excluding Morocco from this scene.

The former French president, reiterated his criticizing Algeria with regard to the stability of security and economic situation there, where he said: «either on the situation in Algeria will not say something about the Algerian friends because I know the sensitivity of the situation,» he said, adding: «We have long been familiar with his accusations oppose officially says that there is no questions and uncertainties in this matter, especially with the collapse of raw materials prices and the subordination of this great oil country».

Sarkozy stressed, in the context, saying: ” to purge my words, we are facing a great threat in Europe.”

Sarkozy said, in a speech during a symposium of his party on defense in the region, that when we reflect on the situation not only in North Africa and even in the Middle East, we note the destruction in Syria, which is as a country, erased from the map as a country, adding that this is fact and that’s reality.

He also touched on the situation in Libya, where he said that Libya sees the instability, arresting the saying «that Tunisia close to us, which only 780 km separates us, which is undergoing a special status that require special support from the French», adding that the security of Tunisia is the security of France.

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