On the 84th anniversary of the Nazi Germany invasion of Poland at the beginning of World War II, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock recalled Germany’s responsibility to achieve security for Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Referring to Russia’s war on Ukraine, she said at an event commemorating the anniversary in Berlin on Friday that “the security of Eastern Europe and the security of Poland is the security of Germany”.

World War II broke out on September 1, 1945, when Germany launched an attack on Poland.

In terms of the total population, Poland saw more deaths than any other country during the nearly 6-year war, as between 5 and 6 million Poles lost their lives, roughly equivalent to 1 out of every 6 Poles killed.

The level of destruction caused by the Nazis was also relatively high, as the polish capital was the most European capital was almost completely destroyed.

“This war was a war against human dignity… It was a war against being human, while the wounds of this war against human dignity won’t heal in Poland and other countries for generations, reconciliation will also remain an eternal task,” she said.

In her speech, Baerbock also called for the establishment of a documentation center to commemorate the complex German-Polish history and brutal Nazi Germany occupation during World War II.

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