German Foreign Minister: calls on the Europe and the West to continue supporting Ukraine


The German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called on Europe and the West to continue to stand firmly and in solidarity with Ukraine in 2023 as well.

During the annual conference of the heads of the Portuguese foreign missions, the politician belonging to the German Green Party said in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, on Wednesday, that the strongest reaction in light of the Russian aggression is the joint response on the part of the partners.

Baerbock attended the conference at the invitation of her Portuguese counterpart, Joao Gomez Cravinho.

The German Foreign Minister has been highly critical of Russia’s holiday attacks on Ukraine, and said that now isn’t the time for theoretical questions.

She believed that all partners, in light of this period of transformation, should meet in order to see how they can solve problems together.

With regard to the training of Ukrainian soldiers, the German minister called for the search for pragmatic solutions.

The German Foreign Minister believed that European unity, which Portugal had always helped to promote, gave hope for the New Year, and said that Portugal had shown that solidarity had nothing to do with distances, and thanked her Portuguese counterpart, Joao Gomez Cravinho Cravinho for his efforts.

Baerbock added that Portugal had shown that neutrality isn’t an option when a choice must be made between justice and injustice.

Baerbock added that peace is the biggest wish in the New Year, but she stressed that this should not be satisfied with wishing only.

She said that as long as Russia attacks Ukraine, especially during the holidays, this is an attack on humanity, noting that for this reason we should stand by Ukraine as long as necessary.

The German Foreign Minister had arrived in Portugal, on Tuesday, for a short visit of about two days.

Her talks in Lisbon, in addition to the Ukrainian issue, dealt with other issues such as energy and climate, as well as the protection of the marine environment.

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