An opinion poll showed that the approval rating of the French President Emmanuel Macron has fallen to its lowest level since the days of the yellow vests protests in early 2019, in light of growing opposition to his efforts to raise the retirement age.

A poll conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion IFOP for the Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper, showed that 28% of those surveyed were satisfied with Macron’s performance, a decrease of four points compared to last month.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne’s approval rating has not changed, at 29%.

Bourne pushed a proposal to reform the pension system last Thursday, without a vote in parliament, after it became clear that the government could not muster enough support from MPs.

Bourne is preparing to face a vote of no confidence in Parliament on Monday, and if the vote is successful, the pension bill will be invalidated and Bourne will have to resign.

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