France delivered Ukraine with Akeron anti-tank guided missiles


The deputy head of the Defense Committee of the French Armed Forces, Jean-Louis Thierry, admitted for the first time that France had delivered Akeron anti-tank guided missiles to Ukraine.

Thierry said, “It’s clear today that the weapons we provide are good and working… The Cesar cannons and the Mistral and Akeron missiles that Kiev provided us with are performing excellently,” while France didn’t previously admit that it had sent Akeron missiles to Kiev.

The Akeron anti-tank guided missiles were developed by the European company MBDA, and are designed to replace the French-German Milan and the US Javelin missiles, with a launch range of 5 km.

France has already sent six TRF1 155mm howitzers and two Crotale air defense systems to Ukraine.

It has been reported that Ukraine has already received 18 Cesar artillery from France, Mistral and Milan missiles, about 60 armored personnel carriers and anti-tank mines.

In addition to weapons, France supplied Ukraine with uniforms, fuel, shells, cartridges, first-aid kits, food, and radiation, chemical, and biological protection materials.

Earlier, the French Foreign Ministry announced Paris’ plans to send an additional 12 Caesar cannons to Kiev, and Italy and France agreed to provide Kiev with an air defense system developed by Samp / T-Mamba this spring.

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