Fights and internal wars await America, Will we see the world in 2030 without a United States?

The American economic analyst Sergio Vigel wrote that “Most people think that the US dollar system is of great importance but when analyzing the imperialist actions of Washington over the past decades, we see that the focus was on ideologies such as Zionism, American self-isolation and some of the more limited aspects, such as fossil fuels and transmission lines, Energy Another popular focus among Americans is that America has been a great lady of the world for a long time but now has lost much of its influence”.

He pointed out that the imperialists struggled in the American system a lot to address the deficit Bratorathm, which should be called the classic empire and gave the Nazis a lot of sacrifices for the sovereign empire to the extent that Germany was destroyed, and attached to the Romans Bambratorathm that failed, and the British efforts during World War II, much more than those efforts to defeat Nazi Germany.

The economist pointed out that when they say that America lost its influence, there may be Middle Eastern wars in their minds, but this is very terrible, because there is nothing new or different for these wars than any other war by Washington in the past decades, The empire is run by unprecedented levels of violence and culture of consumption and the ideology of superstitious myths that justify themselves as a Christian entity, from the beginning of the 20th century.

Before a strange and biased individual of extreme Christians and all his psychological problems, there is also a rigid reality – at least in the world of capitalism – that explains the real actions and reactions of American imperialism over the years, especially in recent decades.

This was always the case, even after the American Constitution had written those who were called “Gore Widal”, “the creeping men of the property” and while the American Revolution itself was a unique and truly interesting moment in the American Constitution.

The history of mankind, but the system that came out of it and made by rich men, was aimed at serving the rich class that was able to get as much wealth as possible at the expense of everyone.

The writer noted that while Europe was able to deal successfully with the many setbacks that occurred in European societies and was able to appear in the form of societies of integration, social justice and the rule of law, but America has taken another road and so it has emerged in the form of a society of rats based on physical and The position of “just think about yourself” and thus America has run a handful of mafia gangs that are not better off street bulls, such as the Wall Street Foundation, oil and pharmaceutical companies, the media and some industrial and military companies and the central bank that works on money laundering and Now it works with silly bureaucracy dimensions, combining puppets Mafia (Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon) and the legal faction (Congress).

The writer stresses that the political elite in America believes that the Americans or any other person must work as a human flock and it is necessary to deceive and exploit them and this is the nightmare that Aldos Huxley “to paint part of his novel” a funny new world “This novel reflects the lives of people who were forced To live in conditions similar to the living conditions in the back of the farm, which cluttered the sounds and television screens calm in the sheds which have nothing to do with the ruling system and took nothing but the herd and drew the writer in another context that the giant industry companies such as “Hollywood” Ideas and views Food and medicine, drug abuse and culture, and the story of fairy tales that people see as their history.

Vigel asserts that civil wars and civil wars seem to be waiting for America. Perhaps the world will become 2030 without America. Instead, several new countries may appear on the map of North America.

Why not ?, Texas, California, Florida, and Hawaii.

The writer believes that America’s smartest movements should call for the dismantling of their states such as the Pacific.

He has been told that he does not like to talk about this, but he believes that people’s money is lost and he hopes that the fragmentation of the United States to the extent.

The writer stresses that the American empire is suffering from a constant and relentless fall and that this is good for mankind in the long run, including for Americans who believe that they will eventually benefit from such a collapse that will be difficult at the beginning.

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