As the war between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel continues, and as Israeli areas continue to be exposed to blatant attacks from Hamas, the Israeli authorities decided to close a number of sensitive energy sites.

Israel has decided to close a number of major energy production sites due to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

Among the sites that were closed, the Tamar Gas Field, as Israel stopped production in the field on October 9.

Tamar Gas Field is operated by US Chevron company, and its located 25 kilometers off the Mediterranean coast south of Israel.

According to data, the Tamar Gas Field produced 10.25 billion cubic meters of gas in 2022, and 15% of which was exported to Egypt and Jordan.

The second site that were closed is the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline (EMG), as Chevron company stopped exporting gas through this pipeline on October 10.

The line extends from Israel to Egypt, and the gas will be supplied through an alternative line that passes through Jordan.

Ashkelon Port was also closed, and its oil terminal were closed on October 9 due to the ongoing war.

Ashkelon port is located approximately 10 kilometers from the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile other sea ports, Haifa and Ashdod remain open.

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