An Israeli TV channel revealed that the Israeli army raised the state of alert in the northern region, fearing Iranian retaliation.

The Israeli channel, “13”, reported Friday morning, that Israel has decided to raise the state of alert in the northern region facing both Syria and Lebanon, fearing Iranian retaliation, which was attributed to Israel as the reason behind the recent bombings in the Natanz nuclear reactor.

The Isreali TV channel quoted by the commander of the 13th Brigade of the Golani Brigade, Lt. Col. Avi Marciano, that he smelled the scent of war, that what is going on around him in the area indicates the possibility of war, and that the Lebanese Hezbollah is gathering information about its forces located near the common border.

The channel stated that Hezbollah had the motives for the war, especially after the killing of the Iranian commander of the “Quds Force”, General Qassem Soleimani, as well as the strikes attributed to Israel in Iran, noting that this summer is characterized by uncertainty.

It is noteworthy that Iran has been living, for days, difficult times after a series of mysterious explosions that struck the country, as a huge explosion occurred, on Tuesday, in the company “Sabhan Birch” in the Kahrizek region, south of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

An explosion took place last Saturday at the “Madheh Zargan” gas station in the city of Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, preceded by an explosion and fire in the medical center “Sina Athar”, killing 19 people and wounding 14 others, followed by an explosion in a building belonging to the Naznaz nuclear station.

The head of the Iranian Civil Defense Organization, Gholam-Reza Jalali, had announced that “Tehran does not exclude sabotage action by opposition groups or a cyber attack by America, behind several recent events in Iran”.

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