Erdogan pave a radical reversal of policy .. What is the extent of the seriousness of the new plans?

By: Abdel Bari Atwan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not know where he gets a painful blows these days, at the time of his visit to Kenya as part of his attempts to open new markets for trading to his country in the African continent in compensation for losses due to the Russian boycott, at the time of the German parliament unanimously adopted a resolution to recognize the «Armenians genocide» for more than a million Armenians one hundred year ago.

President Erdogan, who woke up just from the crisis the departure of his right arm and the architect of his foreign policy and his former Prime Minister, Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu, the owner of the «zero problems» theory with neighbors, which brought Turkey to what it reached in its economically and politically and more, President Erdogan threatened Thursday in Nairobi that the decision of Germany could have significant repercussions on the relations between Germany and Turkey, and vowed that he would take «necessary steps» on his return to Ankara, while the Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Boswag said, while he addressing the Germans, «You burned the Jews and then accuse the Turkish people of genocide».

This angry accusations, which coincided with the Turkish government’s decision to withdraw its ambassador from Berlin for consultations was to absorb the anger among the ruling party and his supporters, was quickly replaced with a tone that is flexible, where Mr. Benali Yildirim the New Prime Minister stressed that Germany «is still a key ally and the relations between the two countries will continue».

The task of the new Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim is now confined to extinguish the fires that President Erdogan himself flamed it up over the past five years, and the restoration of bridges with neighboring countries, which were cut off, and a comprehensive political review may include a «political coup» in the positions of Turkey regarding many files with high degree of risk, such as Russian and Syrian files.

It may be converted that Ahmet Davutoglu the owner of «zero problems» theory with neighbors which brought Turkey to what we have reached an economic and prestige of leading political prosperity, who resigned from all his positions in the government and the prime minister because of his differences with President Erdogan, has become a scapegoat, and upload responsibility for the current state of collapse experienced by Turkey.

Mr. Yildirim the newest obedient man to President Erdogan revealed in his speech, which he made in parliament a week ago to explain his government’s policy, some of the indicators of this radical retreats when he said «he is aware of the facts volatile situation surrounding Turkey, and that his government will work to increase the number of friends and reduce the enemy», the return to the college regarding the policy of his successor Davutoglu, but without naming him, but the most important point in the speech that it had stopped observers inside and outside Turkey, saying that «our brothers are being killed five years ago in the futility of war in Syria,» referring to the need to «stop this war,» without mention at all to topple the Syrian regime requirement.

He described the war in Syria as «absurd» which is an important turning point in Turkish politics, prejudice and clear about the legacy of five years of the Syrian armed opposition support to accelerate the fall of the regime, and demanding buffer zones, or no-fly zone inside Syrian territory.

Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş Deputy Prime Minister, was more clearer than his boss, when he said in a press statement «to repair relations with Russia, Iraq, Syria and Egypt will bring to Ankara a commercial returns value of 36 billion USD», he added, that «I see no obstacle to return ties with Russia to its former outdated status».

And it confirms the words of Mr. Kurtulmuş this about the desire to restore relations with Russia worded restorative expressed by the President Erdogan before leaving for Nairobi, dip them for escalating his statements about events shoot down Russian aircraft in last November, «This incident miscalculation of Turkish pilot and should not spoil relations between the two countries, personal and government», interpreted by observers that this decline may be a prelude to an apology demanded by Moscow.

President Erdogan, who wants to change the regime in Turkey from a parliamentary to a presidential needs to make major changes in the internal and external policies to accomplish this goal, and put the interests of Turkey and its people above all other considerations, and the first step in the process of revisions to admit mistakes and work to correct them, Turkey is now without friends, in Middle Eastern perimeter of the red-hot wars, and most seriously, that these or most of them have turned into enemies because of the wrong policies and alliances over the past five years.

Turkey lost the America the historical ally, as well Russia the alternative superpower, the decision is thoughtful to drop one of its planes, and did not earn the European Union trust, which forms the backbone of «NATO», a founding member of it, and fighting a war in Syria, and live a cold peace with Iraq and its neighbor Iran.

Perhaps the biggest danger faced by Turkey’s President Erdogan these days is the Russian American joint support for his fiercest enemy of Syrian Kurds, and the Democratic Syria army who represents them, which is about to declare an independent self-rule in the Syrian Kurdish areas of northern along the southern Turkish border.

President Erdogan has taken a wise decision when he rejected all US pressure to intervene in the Wild of the Syrian crisis in support of the Syrian opposition armed to eliminate the «Islamic state» do not be surprised to find himself forced to intervene this time to prevent the establishment of a new Kurdish entity in Syria, which would be a prelude to another entity similar in Southeast Turkey.

From compares put President Erdogan and his country five years ago, put it now, well aware of the large size of the plight, so they are not surprised by the media and political boot processes that are underway by his supporters, including Arabs, to undo the policies and attitudes that led Turkey to this dangerous situation.

Do you give such revisions, or retreats, desired results or that the time is too late?
Leave the answer for days or months ahead, and what can be seen in developments and surprises, and every upcoming incidents.

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