Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, confirmed in an interview with CNN, that what are described as bunkers under al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City were built by Israeli developers when the Israeli forces controlled the Gaza Strip decades ago.

Barak added, “For decades, we have been running the place; So we kept them… It was decades ago, several decades ago, maybe 5 or 4 decades ago, that we built these bunkers in order to provide more space to operate the hospital within the very limited size of this complex”.

Earlier, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari claimed that they had discovered a tunnel under al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Hagari added that the army continues to deepen the ground operation in northern Gaza, pointing out that Gaza is a complex and complicated area and contains tunnels and houses that have been booby-trapped.

The Israeli army spokesman continued, “We’re working to uncover the infrastructure of the Hamas movement in Gaza”.

Hagari claimed that they found materials proving that detainees arrived at al Shifa Hospital on October 7.

The Israeli army spokesman said that the autopsy of the female soldier who was detained by Hamas showed that she was not killed by his attacks.

Hagari pointed out that Gaza is a complex and complicated area, with tunnels and houses that were booby-trapped, and that dismantling Hamas’s ability will take time.

Hagari reported that there is a list of foreign citizens detained in Gaza and the army is working to release them.

The World Health Organization also announced on Monday that its teams had only seen civilians in al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, and there is no evidence that it was used as a military headquarters by the Hamas movement.

At dawn on Wednesday, the Israeli army stormed the al Shifa complex after besieging it for days, as it contains civilians who were displaced from their homes as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombing in the area.

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