In the Egyptian approach accumulated during the past few hours, the enormous pressure exerted on the Egyptian leadership during the past four days ended with the search for an internal institutional consensus to withstand as much as possible in the face of pressure in order to avoid a position from the Egyptian state that ends up embracing a new Palestinian humanitarian refugee crisis on Egyptian soil.

It appears that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi, in agreement with the military and security institutions, and after conducting extensive consultations, went in the direction of evading pressure as much as possible, although the addition to the aforementioned phrase quoted from Sisi may open the way for speculation, but a Turkish diplomatic source participated in a bilateral discussion spoke about the near state of consensus and unanimity between Egyptian institutions and senior officials regarding the lack of Egypt’s interest at all in participating in the play that the Israeli right wants for the people of the Gaza Strip.

The only exception to this consensus is Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, who began to warn of an international position economically against his country if the humanitarian asylum program for the people of the Gaza Strip, which proposes some facilities, isn’t granted.

This is something his Turkish counterpart took notice of and pledged to develop a protocol and work towards it to strengthen the Egyptian position.

President Sisi held a closed session of discussions and met with his senior military and security advisors with a high-level Turkish security and diplomatic delegation headed by Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

The Egyptian and Turkish sides agreed to hold more in-depth security meetings regarding the explosive situation in Gaza, and the Turkish delegation announced to the Egyptian side that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is fully prepared to help Sisi in two tracks:

The first: is to evade pressures related to Egypt’s acceptance of demographic displacement.

The second: It relates to Türkiye’s readiness to establish an air and sea bridge of aid to the people of the Gaza Strip if Sisi decides and insists on opening the borders to send aid.

The Turkish delegation conveyed a direct message from President Erdogan in particular, with a personal pledge from him to stand with Egypt, while the Egyptians received a clear Israeli threat to bomb any aid convoys.

The Turkish Foreign Minister promised that he would personally undertake communication with the United States to ease its position and help Egypt, proposing to provide guarantees to the Americans and Israelis that aid would be sent only to damaged and not destroyed places, and within a protocol that would prevent Hamas cadres from benefiting from it.

President Sisi held meetings of the state staff and heard from all parties, and a delegation from Turkish intelligence decided to reside in the city of Rafah for the purposes of monitoring and cooperation.

The Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan proposed to the Egyptians to build a diplomatic wall together in an attempt to obstruct the Israeli-American displacement project, provided that Turkish support remains in light of the Egyptian position and through diplomatic means to later examine the possibility of taking a bilateral position publicly at any moment in which the Egyptians decide to break the siege and the Rafah aid crossing.

Security coordination between Egypt and Türkiye has accelerated significantly in the past few hours, and the two ministers, Fidan and Shukri, agreed to remain in communication and contact.

The first informed the second that Turkish ambassadors in neighboring Palestinian countries have clear directives to coordinate with Egypt in all details related to aid and reject the scenario of displacing the population of Gaza towards Egypt.

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