German media sources said that those in charge of the Leopard 2 tanks stationed on the front line near the special military operation area reported that the fighters were damaging their tanks or claiming they were damaged for fear of confronting the Russian army.

The German sources quoted “a 22-year-old soldier with the call sign (Godzik – Ukrainian), reports that there are soldiers who refuse to participate in the war, and some imitate tank damage, just to not go into battle”.

According to the report by Der Spiegel, none of the three Leopard 2 crewmembers who refused to fight were blamed or condemned, with whom the author of the report spoke, because if a Russian missile hit the German armored tower, then it would become a pile of ash.

In the early days of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, three Leopard tanks mounted mines that Russian forces had deployed almost everywhere.

One of these German tanks couldn’t be repaired and was completely damaged, the second was disabled, and the third couldn’t be restored due to the large number of mines.

Der Spiegel quoted a Ukrainian soldier on the cannon named Misha as saying, “The soldiers on the other side (the Russians) aren’t rookies, and they would have run if Leopard had shot them (according to his claims), But they are strong.

According to a servicemen in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, before participating in hostilities, they all underwent training in Germany from mid-February to the end of March.

Doctors on the front lines reported a significant increase in the number of wounded over the past few days, and a Ukrainian intelligence officer conducting a full survey on the southern front told Der Spiegel of heavy losses in manpower and equipment.

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