“Daily Mail”: “Confessions of former IS “Daesh” member escaped from the organization after watched IS “Daesh” member … raped girl to death”

British «Daily Mail» press reports published a confessions IS «Daesh» member who escaped from the terrorist organization, because he witnessed atrocities committed against civilians.

The Britain newspaper «Daily Mail» indicated that IS «Daesh» former member called «Nizar» decided to leave the organization, after he saw with his own eyes the rape of a 15 years old girl.

Nizar said he was a witness to the rape of the girl by a Sudanese IS «Daesh» member who continued shockingly and left her bleed until she died.

Nizar explained that he was working as a guard inside one of the terrorist organization’s religious police detention centers, and saw a large number of women prisoners, with many of them been raped and harassed at the center.

The former IS «Daesh» member, who was in the Syrian city of Raqqa: «He was told by one of his colleagues, they are prisoners and there are yours, you can do to them whatever you want».

He continued by saying, «actually I felt that what they are doing has nothing to do with Islam at all, we have witnessed many atrocities, of which I saw about 475 captive Iraqi Yezidi and all of them were distributed to the Mujahideen between slaves and wives».

He said, «I thought one of my sisters could’ve been among those ladies, I felt sick, and decided to escape from the organization to Turkey».

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