The White House has passed President Donald Trump’s phone number to Switzerland to give it to Iranian leaders if they want to contact him, CNN reported Friday.

According to the network quoted a diplomatic source described him as an early, without revealing his identity.

The source said that the Swiss side assured the White House that it will not give the figure to the leaders of Iran, unless they ask him.

On Thursday, Trump called on the Iranian leadership to sit down and talk to him about abandoning Tehran’s nuclear program.

“We can reach an agreement, a fair agreement, all we want from them is not to have nuclear weapons”, he told a White House news conference.

“This is not a big demand.

We’ll help them get back to a better position”.

The United States and Iran have no formal diplomatic ties, while Switzerland represents US interests in Tehran, according to CNN.

On Wednesday, Iran announced the suspension of some of its commitments under the nuclear deal and threatened additional measures within 60 days if other countries didn’t meet their obligations.

On Wednesday, a full year after the Trump Declaration, a withdrawal from the nuclear deal signed between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain) and Germany ended in 2015.

The agreement stipulates Tehran’s commitment to abandon, at least 10 years, vital parts of its nuclear program, with the aim of preventing it from acquiring the capability to develop nuclear weapons in return for lifting sanctions.

Since the US withdrawal, Tehran has refused to negotiate a new agreement, especially as other parties have repeatedly declared their commitment to the agreement.

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