CNN: The long waited Ukrainian counterattack wasn’t successful disappointed the West’s expectations


CNN reported, quoting Western officials and a senior Pentagon official, that the Ukrainian counterattack wasn’t as successful as Kiev’s allies expected, and the performance of Russian forces exceeded their expectations.

CNN quoted a Western official as saying, “The Ukrainian counterattack doesn’t live up to expectations on any front”.

CNN also stated that the Kiev forces are completely collapsed, while the Russian army is more effective in defense, and despite the heavy losses since the beginning of the counterattack, the West and the United States still hope to achieve successes for the Ukrainian forces before July.

Western officials have noticed that the Kiev regime is suffering heavy losses, and it’s alleged that weather conditions are hampered any possible advance.

The Ukrainian President Zelensky previously admitted in an interview with British media that the Ukrainian counterattack was progressing slowly.

In the same context, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the liberation of the village of Sadovoye in the Tokmak region of Zaporizhia Province, and the city of Urugainoye in the Donetsk Republic, denying the allegations of the Kiev forces that they had been restored.

The Russian Ministry of Defense’s statement on Telegram read, “We’re now in Sadovoye, Zaporozhye Oblast… As for the information that Ukrainian forces occupied the area, it’s incorrect… We’re holding strong here, maintaining defense, and won’t allow the enemy to infiltrate… Sadovoye is under the complete control of the Russian military”.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also indicated that the city of Urugainoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic is under the control of Russian forces, and a video was published of a Russian soldier near the city’s municipal building.

A soldier from the Russian forces division “Vostok” said: “The city of Urugainoye will remain under the control of the Russian forces… Our men are a force of steel!”

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