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As China and the United States confront as tensions and economic war, some media make distance, either deliberately or obliviously, turning the focus elsewhere in the conflict.

The transfer of many terrorist elements that follow the organization of the Islamic state to areas in Central Asia, and the emergence of the face of the so-called “State of the Khilafa” in that region is one of the signs of entering into the inferno.

As the US is known to negotiate with the Taliban on Qatari territory, with the return of the Taliban on the political and military scene in Afghanistan, while the Afghan government is also seeking to negotiate with the Taliban, perhaps hoping to establish something of stability stemming from the weakness of the Afghan state in case of United States and NATO exit from the country, leaving the Taliban, which still have the power and the organization to regain control of the entire country.

While the organization of the Islamic state is also in Afghanistan, incidents of bombings and sporadic attacks linked to the Islamic state in the region are increasing.

The bombing in Sri Lanka is perhaps one of the most prominent examples which took place recently.

Also sought to ignite the western China region, which is an important gateway to China on the silk road and the road to its port of Gwadar in Pakistan, (The port of Gwadar in Pakistan is linked to direct road and rail road with China, as the port was developed and being invested by china for the next 50 years, with also there is a project of Natural gas basin in the area in cooperation with Qatar and in some point Iran) in addition to the presence of quantities of oil and gas in that region with other resources important to China, such as coal and Rare metals are important in many modern industries.

The Xinjiang region, home to the Muslim Uighur minority, which is home to a large number of extremists, some of whom are based in Syria under the name of the Islamic Party of Turkestan in Syria, which controls West Idlib and parts of the northern Latakia countryside.

All these facts show unequivocally that the United States is reusing the tools of “Islamic terrorism” to carry out its plans in Central Asia to impose a new situation that the United States will use as a pretext for its presence and control over that region.

The So called ” Islamic Terrorism” which is the biggest fear, as it is one of the precious tools of the US will be the excuse to intervene in the region, even if it was necessary to wage wars, which may be described as fighting terrorism, but the reality is the exact opposite, by targeting Russia, more accurately China.

Returning to the Sino-American conflict, as this topic will be explained and studied in 5 parts.

  1. The 5G war
  2. The Sino-American economic conflict
  3. Huawei
  4. War of control over the sea of China
  5. US… China and Islam in-between

There is no doubt that we’re perhaps on a verge of a real global confrontation that will definitely change the face of the universe for good, as we will see.

These series of articles will shed light on this confrontation.

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