The Israeli Calculist newspaper that specialized in economic, revealed a document that it said was secret, revealing a plan to displace the residents of the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula.

According to the document, Israeli Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel strongly supports this plan and that she recommended displace the residents of Gaza to Sinai at the end of the ongoing war.

Calculist newspaper explained that after not hearing her voice throughout the war, Gila Gamliel and her office recommended, through an internal document, a firm course for the forced displacement of Gaza’s residents.

The newspaper added that although Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi publicly opposed this plan and explained that this plan would make Sinai a base for launching attacks against Israel, which could drag Egypt into a war against Tel Aviv and threaten the peace agreement between the two countries, the Israeli minister is determined to implement the plan and displace the population in Gaza after the end of the war.

The document obtained by the Calculist newspaper bears the logo of the Ministry of Intelligence and is used in internal discussions between Israeli government ministries.

The document apparently wasn’t supposed to reach the public, but it was leaked to a group that is currently establishing a Jewish movement calling itself “Settlement Headquarters – Gaza Strip”, as this group seeks to restore Jewish settlements in Gaza Strip that were dismantled and evacuated back in 2005.

Calcalist said it was likely that the document, which probably wouldn’t influence government policy, was written to support the nascent Jewish movement and its goals and therefore came into her hands as well.

In any case, this is a direct continuation of the policy promoted by the government since its founding.

The document ostensibly addresses three alternatives for the post-war period, but the alternative that will lead to positive, long-term strategic results is the transfer of Gaza’s citizens to Sinai.

The step includes three stages, establishing tent cities in Sinai, southwest of the Gaza Strip, establishing a humanitarian corridor to help residents, and finally building cities in northern Sinai.

At the same time, a buffer zone several kilometers wide will be created inside Egypt south of the border with Israel, so that evacuated residents cannot return.

In addition, the document calls for creating cooperation with the largest possible number of countries so that they can receive and absorb Palestinians displaced from Gaza.

The document, which the Calculist newspaper was reluctant to publish publicly, revealed the names of the countries to which the residents of Gaza are expected to be transferred as well, which are Canada, European countries such as Greece and Spain, and North African countries, among other countries.

The document sparked international criticism and stated that this step was better than other options because fighting after evacuating the population would lead to fewer casualties.

In addition, the document claims that on the eve of the war, many Gazans requested to emigrate.

Calculist newspaper pointed out that anyone who isn’t familiar with the composition of the government and hasn’t seen the document may think that it reflects an official plan for Israel.

But there is a big gap between the slogan of the Ministry of Intelligence and the actual influence of this small office on government policy, whose annual budget is about 25 million shekels, and it’s not affiliated with any of the intelligence and security services.

According to the former Minister of Intelligence, MK Eleazar Stern, The Ministry of Intelligence doesn’t have any ministerial responsibility towards the intelligence services, and they can take the recommendations into consideration, but they cannot.

Egyptian President Sisi opposes the forced displacement of Gaza residents to Sinai, and said that such a step would turn Sinai into a base for attacks against Israel.

However, according to the Document, Egypt is obligated under international law to allow the population transfer.

On Monday, the Israeli Misgav Institute for National Security Research and Zionist Strategy revealed the finest details of the expected Israeli plan to displace the entire population of the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Misgav institute published the plan through a study entitled, “The final resettlement and rehabilitation plan in Egypt for all residents of Gaza: economic aspects”.

The study, prepared by strategic analyst Amir Whitman, included several main points on which Israel relies to displace the residents of Gaza to Egypt.

The most important of these points is exploiting Egypt’s economic crisis by displacing these Palestinians to Sinai in exchange for huge material privileges.

According to the plan, there is a unique and rare opportunity to completely evacuate the Gaza Strip in coordination with the Egyptian government, as there is a need for an immediate, realistic and sustainable plan for the resettlement and humanitarian rehabilitation of the entire Arab population in the Gaza Strip in Sinai, which is well compatible with the economic and geopolitical interests of Israel, Egypt and the United States. United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The study indicated, that there are in Egypt millions of apartments were built and empty in several residential areas around the Egyptian capital, that according to study worth of $6 Billion.

Thus, the study says, that its possible to provide Egypt with funds, in order to allow Palestinians in Gaza to be displaced IN Egypt, taking into consideration use the economic crisis in Egypt and the high range of external debt which Egypt owed to the IMF, China, and several Arab gulf states.

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