Bulgaria handed Türkiye a smuggler involved at the Istiklal Street bombing plot


Bulgaria handed over to Türkiye, a person named, Hazni Gölge, who’s a smuggler involved at the Istiklal Street bombing plot in Istanbul.

Hazni Gölge, who’s a smuggler, accused of smuggling the planner of the Istiklal Street bombing plot in Istanbul last year, Bilal Hassan, out of the country.

The Turkish security sources said that the Bulgarian authorities handed them over, in the state of Edirne, on Tuesday evening, Gölge, who smuggled Hassan, according to the Turkish security.

The Turkish security located Gölge in a hotel in the Svelingrad region before Bulgaria handed him over to Ankara.

On January 7, the Interpol department at the Turkish General Directorate of Security sent a letter to its counterpart in Bulgaria, demanding the arrest of Hazni Gölge and his handover to Ankara.

And by 17:33 on Tuesday evening, the Bulgarian security authorities handed over their Turkish counterpart, Hazni Gölge, at the Kapi Qala border crossing in the state of Edirne.

The terrorist bombing took place on Istiklal Street in central Istanbul on November 13, killing 6 civilians and wounding 81 others.

During the Turkish security investigation with the woman who execute the bombing, Ahlam al Bashir, confessed to be member at the Kurdish PKK/YPG/BYD, groups, that are classified as a terrorist organizations by Ankara.

The statement of the Turkish Security Directorate stated that al Bashir had received instructions to carry out the operation from the headquarters of the terrorist organization in the Syrian city of Ain al Arab (Kobani).

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