In an article by Roger Boys, the British Times called for sanctions against Syrian first lady Asma al Assad and stripping her of the British citizenship she hold.

“When the United States placed Asma al Assad on the sanctions list as a beneficiary of the war, there was general surprise and dismay at the court of her husband, the Syrian president, Bashar al Assad, and the United States apparently targeted the vein: the first lady being educated in Britain, and the improved saint in Soup kitchen and participation in the crime of Damascus butcher, who became a target”.

The writer added, that “Britain is required to do the same as the United States did, and not only that, but it must strip it of its British nationality, and more than that, Britain must consider how the punitive sanctions will be transformed into an instrument of Foreign politics, Post-Brexit”.

He pointed out that the ruling family in Syria is in a state of division, and it was she who believed that the reconstruction of Syria would make her extraordinarily rich.

The president’s cousin, Rami Makhlouf, recorded a series of tapes that included a veiled criticism of Asma al Assad and Syrian president brother, Maher al Assad, in which he said that aid should go to the poor rather than enlarge the nest of others, and he meant the names and her family.

The United States wants to take advantage of the division through sanctions, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Asma has become one of the most beneficiaries of the war, hence the sanctions are part of a psychological war, deepening the rift in the Assad family and portraying it as a rival gang in a mafia state and forcing its supporters to think again.

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