The British Defense Ministry on Thursday summoned reserve soldiers for one year, starting next February, in preparation for the possible exit of the country from the EU without an agreement.

This came according to a document submitted by the Ministry of Defense to the Parliament, in which it explained that it summoned reservists from February 10, in preparation for the exit from the European Union without an agreement.

The ministry justified its decision in its document to parliament “to help the government mitigate the consequences that may result from the separation from the European Union without agreement, such as the well-being, health and safety of British citizens and economic stability in the country”.

The document pointed out that the Ministry of Defense will keep reserve soldiers in military service, until 9 February 2020, without mentioning the number of reservists.

In a comment on the call for reservists, British Labor MP Ian Murray said the “call-up of reservists indicates how dangerous the threat of Britain’s exit from the union is without agreement”.

He was surprised by the call of reservists, “because of a constitutional crisis caused by the government”.

Earlier on Thursday, the House of Commons (parliament) set a date for voting on the alternative plan for the country’s exit from the European Union “Brexit” on January 29.

The new vote is an attempt to achieve consensus in the House of Commons on an alternative plan for British Prime Minister Theresa May to break out of the bloc after the current plan was rejected by a majority on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, May survived a no-confidence vote on her and her government, proposed by the Labor Party leader, after parliament rejected the first exit plan from parliament.

The most important aspects of the Brexit process are those relating to the border crisis between the EU member Republic of Ireland and the British Northern Ireland, where the Good Friday Agreement or Belfast (signed in April 1998) stipulates that there should be no Border between the two parts of Ireland.

Britain took a decision to leave the European Union in a referendum that took place in the country on June 23, 2016.

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