Bloomberg: The US army arsenal is in a dire state and cannot face a war with China or Russia


Under the heavy costs of the conflict in Ukraine which has shown the world the weakness of the US military industry, and its departure from the image of a frightening factory into a helpless one.

American writer Hal Brands said in an article on Bloomberg that the conflict in Ukraine showed the world the weakness of the US military industry, which China could exploit, as he call the situation as The American arsenal of democracy is in tatters.

The United States had transformed from a power producing weapons in large quantities to a country that could hardly support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

The changes in the US economy after the Cold War, as well as a decline in military spending, led to a weakening of the country’s military industrial production.

Washington’s strategy to produce high-tech weapons in small quantities is an indication of the decline of US control over the military industry sector in one way or another.

According to the article, this problem exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine, where Ukraine uses US weapons very quickly, but the United States does not have the ability to manufacture replacements for them as quickly as required.

If Washington does not solve its problem in the military industry, the United States will not be able to prevent China from starting a war, nor will it be able to win in such confrontation.

The United States could lose the war against a country that challenges US influence in the western Pacific and around the world.

Western agencies published reports earlier indicating that the US military-industrial complex suffers from a lack of competition and declining growth, which is necessary for the United States to be ready to engage in major military conflicts.

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