The Telegraph: Whether it was fake or real… The drone attack on the Kremlin is an insult to Putin


The Telegraph newspaper questioned Russia’s announcement of an assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin, with drones targeting his residence in the Kremlin.

The article discuss the fact that “Whether it was fake or real, the attack on the Kremlin is an insult to Putin”.

The Russian president may have orchestrated the drone attack to justify the overall mobilization of his forces, but there were less humiliating ways for him to do so.

The image of an explosion on the roof of the Kremlin, in the presence of a huge banner in front of the Kremlin celebrating Victory Day on May 9, would be one of the most embarrassing images throughout the years of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Whoever was responsible and what their motives were, this very important image would forever be prominent in Moscow’s history.

It is not clear at all; who is responsible, with rapid denials by Ukraine of its involvement in the attack will not facilitate the task of indictment.

Some suggested this was a “fake” attack orchestrated by the Kremlin to justify more atrocities in Ukraine.

They point to the way news has been disseminated and amplified on pro-state channels.

However, there are certain effects of the attack, regardless of who is behind it or what revealed.

The talk here is that something has penetrated the many layers of Russian air defenses surrounding Moscow!

And in January of this year, reports from the Russian capital showed Pantsir air defense systems (and possibly highly advanced S-400 systems) being deployed on the roof of the Russian Ministry of Defense in central Moscow and the Department of Education, located about two kilometers away.

Even if this were a Kremlin plot, the idea that anyone in Moscow, including the president, could be attacked because of an incompetent air defense network would not be believed by the Russians.

Putin may have fabricated this charade as a way of ensuring acceptance of any declaration of full mobilization for war.

But there are less embarrassing ways for him to stir up national hysteria, like detonating a car bomb in the Kremlin, for example, or even a Ukrainian “terror attack”.

In addition, if this “fake incident” really is, Putin is playing with fire, because it will be difficult for Putin to calm the terrified and angry masses, after enduring a year of this very special military operation, and after witnessing the sinking of the famous cruiser Moskva, in addition to other Ukrainian successes.

As for Washington it will demand an explanation of what happened, because it has always worried about the idea of ​​Kiev carrying out strikes outside the Ukrainian borders in Russian territory.

If this was a Ukrainian attack, after Kiev developed an accurate fleet of long-range drones without informing the United States of these drones, it could be a diplomatic blunder on the part of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Whoever is behind the attack, we led to believe that Russia’s air defense network is so incompetent that it is unable to prevent a strike in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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