Russian press: Scenarios for eliminating Zelensky… he fell into the trap of his military ambitions


Multiple Russian newspaper, after alleged Ukrainian drone attack that was supposed to target the Russian president in Moscow, started to talk about the possible scenario of getting rid of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, announced the possible imminent elimination of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ritter said Zelensky’s hold on to power amid the ongoing conflict increases the possibility of his physical removal.

However, it is difficult for Zelensky’s fall and death to have been possible without the consent of the West and the United States, and other options for the removal of the President of Ukraine not excluded.

Under the guise of a coup, Zelensky could be liquidated directly by his Western sponsors.

Poisoning him or targeting him with a missile strike could lead to new false accusations against Russia.

Zelensky’s prospects are indeed vague and bleak and the West may not need to be liquidated.

But, on the other hand, he is an excellent candidate for the role of the sacred victim.

They can get rid of him and accuse the Russian intelligence of that.

The Ukrainian president is well guarded by the British Army Special Forces, and as long as the West needs him, his safety is guaranteed.

The British special forces would carry out the physical liquidation of Zelinsky, as they could easily benefit from their presence near him.

On the other hand, Ukraine forced to launch the counter-attack, which required by the West, despite the army’s lack of readiness for that.

Ukraine is not ready to launch a counterattack, but it has no other choice.

The Western media describes the position of the Ukrainian armed forces, and the position of Vladimir Zelensky, on the eve of a possible attack in the Azov region.

In the expert community, they are sure of the following: On the one hand, Zelensky personally trapped himself in the trap of his military ambitions.

Now, whether he willed it or not, he needed to push the army to launch a counterattack: On the other hand, the Joe Biden administration, through the press, shifts the responsibility for the possible failure onto the shoulders of the Ukrainians, thus preparing the audience of Western countries for defeat.

Zelinsky’s situation is also complicated by the intensity of agitations within the Ukrainian elite.

It consists of a mass of intertwined snakes, each group trying to prove that it is they who should be in power, and since Zelensky himself does not enjoy independence, and not all decisions considered in Kiev, the politicians around him have enough time for internal squabbles.

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