Hungary submitted a proposal to the European Union, stipulating that the new aid package provided to Ukraine, amounting to 50 billion Euros, be halved.

Bloomberg, citing informed sources, explained that Hungary’s proposal stipulates dividing the Ukrainian aid package worth 50 billion Euros, allocated for a period of 4 years, into two parts.

Hungary considers that 25 billion Euros will be sufficient for Kiev at this stage.

The European Union needs to re-evaluate the amount of aid provided to Ukraine during the period 2024-2027, considering that Kiev could be granted an additional 25 billion Euros depending on its needs.

Last September, the European Commission proposed a new aid package for Ukraine worth 50 billion Euros, allocated for a period of 4 years.

At the same time, Hungary said that Ukraine wouldn’t receive a single penny from the European Union budget until Hungary received its due money from European funds, as unanimous support was necessary to change the European Union budget.

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