An unprecedented wave of resignations within the Israeli Army Information Unit


On Sunday, Israeli Channel 14 revealed widespread resignations recently among the ranks of the Israeli army, against the backdrop of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Channel 14 said that a number of senior officials in the information system in the Israeli army submitted their resignations, despite the continuation of the war on Gaza.

The channel reported that Colonel Shlomit Miller Botbol, ​​who is considered the second-in-command in the IDF Spokesperson’s Department after Daniel Hagari, also submitted his resignation, in addition to a large number of responsible officers in the army’s information department.

The Israeli channel added, that Moran Katz, head of the communications department in the Israeli army spokesman’s unit, will leave her job, in addition to the Israeli army’s spokesman for foreign media affairs, General Richard Hecht.

Channel 14 who is considered close the Israeli government, attributed these mass resignations to the officers’ protest against the conduct of operational and personal matters, and explained that the resignations reflect the state of turmoil in the information unit managed by Hagari.

Israeli reports in recent months indicate deep disagreements between the government and the Israeli army due to the government’s management of the war.

The Israeli War Cabinet has also witnessed widespread disagreements since October 7 with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the management of the war and the details of the truce deal, ceasefire, and prisoner exchange with the Hamas movement.

Among the latest disagreements, according to what was reported on channel “Kann 11”, on Sunday evening, is that the Council refused to agree to Netanyahu’s condition of obtaining a list of living detainees held by Hamas at the beginning of the talks in order to advance the prisoner exchange deal negotiations.

Channel 11 reported that members of the cabinet, without naming them, criticized Netanyahu and considered that he shouldn’t have placed this request at the beginning of the talks, noting that the agreement on the list in the previous deal took place shortly before the end of the negotiations.

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