The crisis is keep escalating inside the Israeli War Cabinet and the army


The Israeli media spoke about a heated verbal altercation between Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and ministers in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

“They criticized the army’s achievements and said that the ground attack in the Gaza Strip isn’t going well”.

Channel 12 said in a report on Monday evening, “A sharp confrontation took place between the Chief of Staff and government ministers during a recent meeting, which prompted Herzi Halevi to scream”.

“At the height of this meeting, the ministers strongly criticized the achievements of the Israeli army, and told the Chief of Staff that the military maneuver wasn’t good enough, that progress was slow, and that the choice to keep storming Rafah until the end wasn’t correct”.

Channel 12 added, “At this point, Chief of Staff Halevi raised his voice and said to the ministers, I remind you that you didn’t want this maneuver at all… If the Israeli army and security establishment hadn’t pressed for this… we wouldn’t have maneuvered at all in Gaza”.

Channel 12 pointed out that the turbulent session, which didn’t specify when it took place, reflects increasing tension between the political and military levels in Israel, at a time when the Chief of Staff and senior military officials feel that the political level is only looking for a way to hold them responsible, while government ministers see that some tactical options for the army it wasn’t good enough.

This isn’t the first time that the meetings of the Israeli Chief of Staff and the political echelon have witnessed a great uproar.

Last January, one of the sessions that dealt with “The Next Day” in the Gaza Strip was suspended, after right-wing ministers attacked the Chief of Staff after his decision to form an internal investigation team in the Israeli army to investigate the failures that led to the Hamas attack on settlements and military bases in southern Israel on October 7, 2023.

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