Several European countries discussed the option of internationalizing the administration of Gaza after the war, proposing the formation of an international coalition to manage Gaza in cooperation with the United Nations.

A document prepared by Germany and distributed to a number of European countries proposed that an international coalition take over the security of Gaza after the war.

The document also indicated that this coalition would also dismantle tunnel systems and smuggle weapons into Gaza.

In addition, that document warned of the repercussions of indiscriminate bombing, and suggested precise surgical operations in Gaza, while questioning Israel’s ability to eliminate Hamas by military means.

It also stipulated, drying up the sources of support for Hamas, financially and politically.

The document warned that Gaza’s stability in the medium term could only be guaranteed by relaunching the peace process, which requires the involvement of major parties such as the United States, the European Union, and the Arab countries.

Last week, discussions by European leaders during an EU summit in Brussels showed the extent of the divisions among the member states of the defense bloc over the Gaza issue.

European Union leaders held discussions that extended for many hours to reach a unified position calling for the opening of humanitarian corridors, but didn’t reach the point of calling for a ceasefire.

The exchange of accusations between a number of participants also showed another indication of the ongoing divisions within the Union regarding the war.

Eight European Union countries, including Belgium, France and Spain, voted in favor of a non-binding resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian truce.

While Austria and Hungary, among four other EU member states, voted against the resolution, while 15 countries, including Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, abstained from voting.

As for Israel and the United States, both criticized the resolution because it didn’t mention and condemned Hamas.

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