A few days ago, what’s currently known as Al Sham Liberation Headquarters (Al Nusra Front) began pursuing residents and tenants of Christian-owned properties in Idlib.

Syrian opposition media sources said that the authority’s “Christian properties” office sent communications to all persons who rented these properties from homes and commercial stores, to renew contracts through the office on new terms and conditions, most notably raising real estate rents.

Al Sham Liberation Headquarters (Al Nusra Front) confiscated many properties belonging to Christians in the Idlib, especially in the city of Idlib, and the towns of Al Yaqoubiya and Al Ghassaniyeh in the countryside of Idlib, as most of them were forced to flee as a result of violations by opposition factions, especially the authority.

It formed what is called the “Salvation Government” affiliated with Al Sham Liberation Headquarters (Al Nusra Front), “the Christian Property Office” to manage the confiscated properties, and worked to lease it or grant it to some of the commission’s members.

Despite the displacement of most of them, some Christians are still residing in Al Yaqoubia town in Idlib countryside, as Al Sham Liberation Headquarters (Al Nusra Front) requires, since its control of the region, that the remaining Christians remain in it, not to ring church bells or show religious symbols or openly celebratory activities outside the churches and Homes.

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