Al Jazeera: Horrific scenes documenting Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian civilians in the northern Gaza Strip then burying them in garbage!


Scenes broadcast by Al Jazeera channel showed Israeli soldiers executing Palestinian civilians as they attempted to return to the northern Gaza Strip via al Rashid Street.

Exclusive scenes show the bodies of Palestinians being buried in sand and among garbage, while another group of Palestinians whose fate is unknown watch the process.

The Israeli soldiers used a bulldozer to bury their victims under the sand.

Al Jazeera previously broadcast exclusive footage of executions carried out by the Israeli forces against civilians in various places in the Gaza Strip.

Among these operations, Israeli soldiers killed an elderly man inside a house in a neighborhood in Gaza City, and a drone fired missiles at young men in the southern Gaza Strip.

Previous scenes captured by an Israeli drone also showed the sniper of a boy in the northern Gaza Strip.

In turn, Hamas called on the International Criminal Court to “take urgent action to stop the systematic killings” of the people of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas said, in a statement that “the scenes broadcast by Al Jazeera, documenting the crime of the Zionist occupation soldiers killing in cold blood two unarmed young civilians holding white badges, and then bulldozing their bodies with a bulldozer to hide their heinous crime, is further evidence of the extent of fascism and criminality, which governs Zionist behavior”.

The statement added that this comes “in the context of the brutal war of genocide against our people in the Gaza Strip, which the United Nations Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, spoke about yesterday”.

In its statement, Hamas called on the United Nations and all international judicial institutions, especially the International Criminal Court, to “take urgent action to stop the systematic killing of our people, and to take the necessary measures to hold this rogue entity and its terrorist leaders, war criminals, accountable for the crimes they commit against children and defenseless civilians”.

The continued Israeli aggression against Gaza led to the death of 32,490 and the injury of 74,889 people, in addition to the displacement of about 85% of the population of the Strip, according to the Gaza authorities and international bodies and organizations.

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