Mergers and migrations in areas of ​​20 thousand square kilometers, as Turkish newspaper reported.

There are important information on the plan that will be implemented by Turkey in Syria.

The Turkish newspaper “Yeni Shafak” said that a meeting among high-ranking Turkish leaders with Syrian opposition leaders held “discussions on ending the role of foreign fighters within the areas of the Al Sham Liberation Organization (formerly known as Al Nusra Movement) in Syria and deported all of them”.

The newspaper quoted an (unnamed) source of the Free Syrian Army that “about 15 thousand elements of Al Sham Liberation Organization (formerly known as Al Nusra Movement) wanted to join the national army after the establishment of the safe area”.

“According to Syrian opposition groups, the biggest threat to the region is foreign organizations such as Ansar Al Din, mostly from countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Morocco and Algeria etc…”.

The source added: “These factions participated in addition to many foreign factions supported by the Al Sham Liberation Organization in the internal fighting alongside the Organization”.

A Syria’s high-level opposition told the newspaper important information about the details of the plan, which was prepared jointly with Turkey”.

The source said: “The announcement of the central government of the olive branch and the logic of the Euphrates, and will be the structure of the current Syrian interim government and all local councils”.

According to the newspaper, “On an area of ​​20,000 square kilometers with Idlib no banners will be allowed except the banner of the Free Syrian Army, and will increase the number of national army from 35 thousand to 80 thousand, through the formation of disciplined structures and organization”.

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