A new classified document found at the former US Vice President Mike Pence’s house


The FBI found a new classified document at the former US Vice President Mike Pence’s house on Friday.

Like Joe Biden and Donald Trump, classified documents were found at Pence’s house in Carmel, Indiana at the end of January.

The new search took place on Friday, in coordination between the FBI and Pence’s lawyer.

“The vice president has instructed his team to show complete transparency until this issue is resolved,” his spokesman, Devin O’Malley, said in a statement reported by several media.

A US law passed in 1978 requires presidents and their deputies to deposit all emails, letters, and other business documents in the National Archives after completing their duties.

Another law on espionage prohibits keeping classified documents in unauthorized and unsecured locations.

A spokesman for the former vice president and the federal police didn’t respond to requests to comment on the issue.

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