Germany is playing a difficult match against Turkey and the government of President Recep Erdogan, during which she would like to end up in her favor and end the bleeding of the German economy through Erdogan’s citizens, and end the Ankara riots in the waters of the Mediterranean and the countries of Libya and Syria, according to the Greek City Times newspaper.

Germany is forced to deal with Turkey because of geographical proximity and the presence of about 5 million Turks in Germany.

Under the pretext of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic (Covid-19), there are at least three completely different interests at stake that Germany wants to eliminate or at least scale it.

There is a trade exchange that Germany does not want in the current form and seeks to reduce, and there is a political conflict in Turkey’s harnessing NATO, a desire for revenge and striking Erdogan’s dreams in Syria, Libya and, more recently, Iraq.

Now that Erdogan has become heavily dependent on foreign currencies, Germany has the power to finance it through remittances from millions of Turks, and this is what Germany wants to stop.

The worse the situation in the Turkish economy, the better for German interests in the country.

Without billions of tourism and investment, the Turkish government and Erdogan will personally face more difficulties than they already do and thus become more dependent on Germany.

Of course, it is no accident that the German Volkswagen announced just one day before the Turkish delegation visited Berlin that it would not build the factory in Manisa, Turkey, as planned, in the implementation of the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, not to give Turkey an opportunity to blackmail it.

Even if Volkswagen had already established a subsidiary in Turkey, the German government followed an unusually strict policy towards Turkey.

According to the newspaper, political aspirations are closely related to Germany’s economic interests, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has repeatedly stressed in Berlin that Germany now holds the presidency of the European Union Council, and it is a position of strength that should not be underestimated.

Mas suggested that Turkey should use the current time to deal with old issues with Germany and neutralize problems …

Otherwise, Turkey will find what you do not expect, according to the opinion of analysts, and Turkey will go through difficult months.

For Germany, the biggest challenge lies in the issues that Mas mentioned in Berlin about Syria and Libya, which also include the situation in the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkish submarines roam the region, as do Russian and American.

Therefore, it is in Germany’s interest for Turkey to withdraw from these places. Therefore, Germany may reappear vigorously to force Erdogan to retreat, and for Germany to become its greatest threat in the coming period.

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