Zelensky threatens Russia with losing its ships if continuing strikes on Ukrainian ports


The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russia might be left without ships if it continued to attack Ukrainian ports.

“If they keep shooting, we won’t have many weapons but we may leave them shipless by the end of the war,” Zelensky said, at a news conference with Latin American media.

“This is what we want to show them… Ukraine will definitely respond to any attacks on the civilian population and grain lanes,” Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian president stressed that if Russia continues to dominate the Black Sea and closes it by firing missiles, Ukraine will do the same thing, which is a fair defense within Ukraine’s capabilities.

These statements come after Ukrainian naval drones targeted a Russian oil tanker and a Moscow warship over the past few days.

When asked about the counterattack, Zelensky said that the matter is complicated and may not happen as quickly as some would like, adding that the process is very difficult when you don’t have enough certain weapons.

The Ukrainian president added that Russia should leave Ukrainian territory, saying, “Ukraine won’t continue the war on the territory of the Russian Federation, this was never our goal… We only liberate our lands, and they have a place to return to, but we have no other place, this is our land”.

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