A few days after statements by former Syria Democratic Forces spokesman Talal Sellou, a former Syrian army officer who broke away from Syria Democratic Forces and fled to Turkey, who announced his expectation of the disintegration of US-backed forces in eastern Syria, entering into internal conflicts, until recent news began to show his validity of his predictions.

Sellou, who provided important information about the SDF after his escape to Turkey in a complex intelligence operation supervised by the Turkish intelligence.

Press reports revealed that there are changes awaiting the Eastern Euphrates and that the situation will not settle for the American forces, with the increasing conflicts and the news of the intention of the Arab component to withdraw from the ranks of the Syria Democratic Forces and to communicate with the Syrian government.

A report published by the American “Al Monitor” website revealed a new split in SDF after the end of the battle against ISIS (in the east of the Euphrates) and pointed to the intention of the Arab components to withdraw and communicate with the Syrian government.

“I’m ready to shake hands with President Bashar Al Assad in order to stop the war and sit around the table”, the leader of the Shamar clan, who is the commander of the Al Snadeed forces operating under the umbrella of SDF, Hammadi Daham Al Hadi, said, adding that he’s in contact with the Syrian government.

According to the report, Al Hadi is not the only one who is thinking of concluding an agreement with the Syrian government, where Arab tribes in the areas controlled by SDF to communicate with Damascus also and reach for conclusion in an individual deals.

In the predominantly Arabic-dominated Manbej, which controls large parts of the tribe, the position of tribal sheikhs has clearly shifted, according to the site, after Muhammad Khair Al Mashi of the Bobna clan, Ismail Rabia of the Hanada clan, are living in areas controlled by the Syrian Army after its proximity with the allied Russian forces to the proximity of Manbej to prevent any possible Turkish incursion into the city.

“The process of communication with the Syrian government accelerated after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of all US forces from Syria in December”, Al Hadi said.

It seems that the Americans will face great trouble in their area of ​​influence east of the Euphrates, and that the project and efforts to get them out of Syria began to clear on the ground.

The Arab tribes, which have shed the danger of state organization, are beginning to recalculate, which is inherently inconsistent with the leaders of the Kurdish clique, especially the influence of the Kurdish leaders in the Qandil non-Syrian mountains on the decision of the leadership of SDF and the Arab tribes don’t see any interest In the face of Turkey or war with it, and the Arabs accounted for more than 60 percent of the total militias of the Syria Democratic Forces, that they’re the majority and their withdrawal means disintegration, and thus the disruption of American accounts in the east of Syria.

And even by the Kurdish components has left statements from a number of Kurdish leaders to make sure that it doesn’t seek to separate from Syria and is seeking to agree with Damascus, as Mazloum Kobani who is a field commander in SDF said, denying any wills to separate from Syria, pointing out that his forces doesn’t have any intention of secession from Syria, saying that: “We’re part of Syria and we’re not intend to separate from it”, stressing the need to reach for agreement with Damascus.

On the other hand, one of the leaders of the factions operating within the militia of the “National Army” of the Turkish forces in northern Aleppo, that the decision to end the control of what he called the “PKK” in areas of north-east Syria was irreversible.

“The decision to eliminate the Kurdish militia and expel them outside the Syrian borders is taken by the Turkish army and the national army and is irreversible”, Mustafa Sajary, head of the political bureau of “Al Mutasim brigade”, tweeted.

He stressed that all the necessary steps and military measures taken for the launch of operations, and that things have reached the stage of the distribution of tasks and axes according to plans drawn by the militia of the “National Army” and the Turkish army.

On Saturday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced the formation of an advanced room for joint operations along the border with Syria in the south of the country in a threat to the SDF, US-backed militia.

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