Washington reduces the budget allocated for the US military in Syria and Iraq and consider striking Houthis targets in Yemen


The United States allocated $156 million to its military operations fund in Syria within the framework of the 2024 defense budget, an increase of $28 billion over the 2023 budget.

Despite this increase, the budget allocated to Syria and Iraq decreased from last year.

The defense budget approved by US Congress for 2024, the funds allocated to Syria were reduced by $9 million compared to 2023.

Based on the budget details, $242 million was allocated to the US military in Iraq for the year 2024, up from $322 million in 2023, and a total of $398 million was allocated for the fiscal year 2024 within the scope of operations in Syria and Iraq.

The US Congress voted on the draft National Defense Authorization and Defense Budget for the fiscal year 2024, with 310 votes in favor, while 118 members opposed it.

The US President Joe Biden is expected to sign the draft bill and budget at a later time, so that it becomes effective.

On December 8, the US Senate failed to pass a bill submitted by Republican Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, calling for the withdrawal of these US forces from Syria within 30 days, in light of the high threats to their presence there.

It’ noteworthy that the US forces in Syria and Iraq have been subjected to more than 95 attacks since last October 17, according to the latest statistics announced by the US Defense Forces.

On the other hand, US officials says that the Pentagon is discussing the possibility of launching direct strikes on Houthi military targets in Yemen.

The US administration officials are increasingly concerned that the Houthis and their sponsors in Tehran are trying to disrupt global maritime trade.

At the same time, the Pentagon is studying the possibility of launching military strikes, taking into account concerns that such a move could lead to the start of a broader war against Iran and its proxies.

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