Washington gives green light to Israel to attack Iran


The US Ambassador to Israel, Tom Neides, said at the conference of heads of major American-Jewish organizations held in occupied Jerusalem on Sunday that Israel can and must do what must be done with regard to Iran.

He added that Washington supports Israel in that.

Naides added, “The Iranian nuclear agreement is currently frozen, and there is no opportunity today to return to the negotiating table”.

He continued, “As President Biden said, we are not going to sit here and watch Iran get a nuclear weapon… All options are on the table”.

The US ambassador stressed that “Iran’s nuclear threat is not only to Israel, but to the Middle East and the US as well,” noting that cooperation between Israel and the United States in confronting Iran takes place every day.

The US ambassador in Israel addressed the Israeli domestic situation, and said: “I don’t participate in how the Israelis choose their Supreme Court”.

Israeli media had said that “Iran is about to become a nuclear state… Israel and the United States were actively pushing all operational plans against Iran because of Tehran’s increased uranium enrichment”.

A spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, confirmed that “the Israeli entity received painful responses” to the failed attacks in Iran, preferring not to disclose the nature of these responses at the present time.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard had previously warned that it will attack any headquarters used by Israel to threaten Iran’s security.

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