From Kiev… Biden announces additional arms shipments to Ukraine


The US President Joe Biden arrived in Kiev on Monday, for a surprise visit, as the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches, according to pictures released from the Ukrainian capital.

“I think it’s important that there is no doubt about American support for Ukraine in the war,” Biden said.

“The Ukrainian people have shown courage in a way that perhaps few people have shown in the past,” he added.

Biden confirmed the existence of broad bipartisan support in Washington for the Ukrainian issue, even in light of the reluctance of some Republicans to provide more aid, according to CNN.

“Despite all the differences we have in Congress on some issues, there is great agreement to support Ukraine,” he said, adding, “It’s not just about freedom in Ukraine… It’s about freedom of democracy in general”.

“Returning to Kiev is a good thing,” Biden said upon his arrival in Kiev.

When asked about the importance of his presence in Kiev, Biden said that this is his eighth visit to Kiev, adding, “Every time it is more important”.

He added that the purpose of his visit was to deliver a message to Zelensky that America is here to stay, and he said, “We’ll not leave”.

In turn, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised the unannounced visit of his US counterpart, Joe Biden, to Kiev on Monday, considering it a very important sign of support a few days before the first anniversary of the Russian invasion.

“Joseph Biden, welcome to Kiev! Your visit is a very important sign of support for all Ukrainians”.

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