Washington approved Israel to conclude the largest military deal in its history to provide Germany with Arrow 3 missile system


The Israeli Ministry of Defense said, on Thursday, that the United States has agreed to sell the Arrow-3 missile defense system to Germany in a deal worth $3.5 billion.

Last June, Israeli media said that the German Bundestag approved an advance payment of about 600 million Euros to the Israeli army, to enable it to prepare for the production of the Arrow 3 missile system, in a deal worth a total of 4 billion dollars, to be the largest deal in the history of Israel.

The deal needed US approval, according to fact that Israeli weapons or equipment that include US technologies and US components require an in advance approval from the United States in order to be sold to a third party, as part of the US financial assistance provided to Israel.

The Israeli Arrow 3 missiles system designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

The system is the latest in the Israeli missile defense range that extends from the Iron Dome system capable of intercepting short-range missiles, to the long-range Arrow 3 missiles capable of destroying any unconventional warheads at a safe height.

Negotiations with Israel began after the start of the Ukrainian war last year, but the negotiations have recently witnessed delay in reaching a possible agreement due to the lack of approval from the United States on the deal.

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