The war in Syria will not end until the US and their allies in the international coalition did not cease actions aimed to its extension.

The conflict in Syria, which threatens and cause humanitarian disaster for many countries of the ld World, blazing for 5 years and to predict the timing of its termination cannot be reached and even the most celebrated & well professionals of the most serious experts can.

In September last year, at the request of SAR President Bashar Al-Assad, Russia intervene into the conflict zone, its military space forces and the Syrians came, finally, hope for peace. According to official figures, for the year a military operation in Syria, Russian aircraft flew more than 9000 stricks, destroying thousands of strategic targets of terrorist groups «Islamic State», «Dzhabhat en-Nusra» and their allies, as well as sources of financing militants – oil tanks farms convoys.

American sources says that approximately the Russian Air force made about 1800 airstrikes per week.

It is difficult to assume that such productive actions would allow Russian Aerospace Forces to stop IS to maintain its combat potential in the absence of effective external assistance & whence is this assistance, as easy to understand…

As soon as the situation on the Syrian opposition to the arena coming to a critical point — the artificially formed occasions, allowing the process to slow down the final destruction of the terrorists.

As is already well-established pattern by representatives of the United States in the United Nations once again beginning to promote the idea of the need for a no-fly zone over Syria, bearing in mind, of course, the prohibition of flights of Russian and Syrian government aircraft.

The United States kept silence regarding their effectiveness operations against terrorism in Syria, they are humble enough to not talk about it although they have a lot to talk & barge about, for instance on September 17th the American coalition «mistakenly» bombed positions of the Syrian army near Deir ez-Zor.

A backstab, that’s the Russian leader Vladimir Putin could describe this act, has been committed under the cease-fire period, that been reached with great difficulty achieved as a result of the Russian-American talks.

Under the bombs killed more than 90 Syrian soldiers, more were wounded & give a golden opportunity & allowed IS militants to go on the offensive.

The process of political settlement of the conflict between the Assad regime and the forces of the moderate opposition has been successfully thwarted.

the attack on the humanitarian convoy was occurred two days later in Aleppo, which killed nearly 20 people — most of the cars burned & the cargo completely destroyed.

Not even waiting for the original data on this bloody action, a number of American and European «experts» were quick to blame the Russian provocations, first, and then the Syrian military.

The next day, the Russian Defense Ministry debunked this myth: «Russian combat aircraft in that area was not there, however, at this time of the attacked convoy was the shock of the international coalition UAV taking off from the US air base» Incirlik «in Turkey.

We are ready to present evidence.

Oddly enough, no one demanded evidence…

In the end, the Syrian government forces at that time were actually on hold, so they were forced to go on the offensive again, and US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power accused of disrupting the peace talks… Russian.

It is worth noting that Ms. Power is very consistent in her actions.

In August of this year, it was she who voiced to demand the UN Security Council — to bring to justice the forces that been guilty of using chemical weapons on some territories of Syria.

For obvious reasons, under the main „culprits“ she meant the official Damascus and President Bashar al-Assad.

In principle, the Accusing Assad for crimes against humanity — that they can be attributed to the Syrian leader orders on the use of chemical weapons – was actually not the first time.

During these years, none of the accusers did not manage to show any facts evidence nor bring concrete facts or results of examinations, but continue to assert that chemical weapons were used just by government troops. Arguments and evidence directly contradict this version, no one, including the UN Security Council, simply did not want to hear.

It is predicted the United States efforts to leave no escalation of tensions in Syria. The third of October, the US announced that the cease cooperation with Russia on a ceasefire in Syria and leave only the military channels in order to prevent conflicts between aircraft of the two countries.

The process of peaceful settlement of the conflict has been „buried“ safely.

finally All of the United States and their allies in Syria fit into one clearly visible line, aimed at the continuation of the war, chaos and humanitarian disaster in the Middle East.

Moreover, to achieve their goals by any means they keep…

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