A couple of weeks ago Israel said good bye to one of the last figures that build the state of Israel the former Israeli president and the godfather of the Israeli nuclear project Shimon Peres.

With the majorities of Israel’s original leaders now is gone and let’s say second generation of leaders are in control with a very different type of world than it was forty or fifty years ago.

No real threat now on Israel at the middle east, everyone is busy with fighting, from Syria to Iraq, Yemen and in fact the entire Arab and middle east are bust since the Arab spring, the Palestinians also are left alone unknowing nothing about what to do.

Despite the occasional direct interference in the Syrian war by supporting armed gangs in the borders with Syria and air striking targets when they want inside Syria, Israel must realize to be cautious a little bit, because every country that got involved in the Syrian War starts to receive some shots and flames back.

Take Turkey for Example, Israel must stop and think about move away from the issue if they wants to stay safe.

Now there are two stories that took place in Israel last month.

The Israeli Chanel 2 stated in Wednesday evening on September 21st 2016, that the Syrian opposition will hand over the body of the famous Israeli spy Eli Cohen back to Tel Aviv.

The Israeli channel added based on Lebanese sources that Israel will receive the body of their guy after long years of absence.

A short film has shown, documenting the moment of the execution of the famous Israeli spy Eli Cohen, in the center of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and said that they got the movie from the hands of armed groups in Syria which was been taken from Syrian television offices and handed over the film to Israeli authorities.

The short film shows some footage of the Israeli spy being hung and the moment of getting his body down.

The story of the Israeli spy Eli Cohen (1924-1965) the famous Israeli spy who worked in Syria Under the name of Kamel Amin Thaabet that was hung after he was got caught and despite many attempts by many big countries to prevent executing him.

Israel describe him as their most important spy and insure that his work and the amount of the information that he succeed to get was significant to secure Israel’s victory in 1967 six days war, according to the Israeli prime minister at that time Levi Eshkol.

The Syrian Authorities executed Eli Cohen on May 18th 1965 at Al Marjah Square at the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus and his body was buried in a secret location, Israel at the other hand tried and failed to retrieve the body, despite dozens of covert and overt attempts.

Israeli Intelligence recruited Cohen in 1960, he joined unite 188 of military intelligence ((AMAN)), the unite that joined the Mossad later to become what is known today as the ((Caesarea unit for secret special operations)).

Cohen was born in Alexandria, Egypt to a Jewish family of father, mother and six brothers and two sisters, he was a part in the Lavon Affair which was refers to a failed Israeli covert operation, code named Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the Summer of 1954 as part of the false flag operation, a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, cinemas, libraries and American educational centers.

The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time.

The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, «unspecified malcontents» or «local nationalists» with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt’s Suez Canal zone.

The operation caused no casualties among the population, but did cost the lives of four operatives: two cell members who committed suicide after being captured; and two operatives who were tried, convicted, and executed by Egypt.

Cohen was Arrested and jailed later on he left Egypt and went to Israel.

The Mossad sees in him a fruitful project to become spy, the plan was for him to work in Egypt but the plan soon modified for him to work in Syria instead, so a new personality has been built for him to be as a Syrian emigrant businessman Kamel Amin Thaabet, later he was put under tough training sessions such as monitoring, tracking and photography, in addition to training related to activate and strengthen the memory, long hours of training on broadcast receivers, the use of symbols and code, a short training on sabotage operations implementation.

Later he was sent to Argentina to continue build his new character as Syrian emigrant businessman and to build ties and relationships with some Syrian diplomatic figures in Argentina like the Syria attaché in Argentina Amin Elhafez whom become later the president of Syria, later on in 1962 he came to Damascus, Syria and spent three years involving and get inside the center of power in Syria at that time which he was managed to reach a very high and sensitive positions that many of Arab and Israeli new papers used to mention to annoy the Syrian government that Cohen could’ve been minister of foreign affairs or Bath Party Leader or Even the president of Syria.

Only the pure chance that got him caught, after he was shown in TV among Syrian leaders, when Egyptian authorities recognized his real identity and informed the Syrian Government about him.

And after some time under observation he was arrested red-handed in his apartment in 1965.

The second story which was unprecedented move, the Israeli military censor allowed interviewing former Israeli intelligence officer Lieutenant Amos Levinberg whom was serving at the unite 8200 which is the Main wiretaps unit in the Israeli army, he fell into the Syrian hands during October (Yom Kippur) 1973 war.

the high Israeli officer Amos Levinberg confessions during his interview on the Israeli channel 2 last month, raised a big storm in Israel, especially after he said that he divulged military secrets «the most sacred» for the IDF, in light of that Syrian investigators did managed, he said to the second Israeli channel, to convince him that Israel has been removed from the map, and he began to feel that what he’ll reveal of a very important secrets will not affect the course of the events.

Levinberg’s former commander assumed that Levinberg was missing during action and he was wishing deeply for him to better be got killed in the war because falling in captivity means that ((Israel’s most important secrets will be in severe danger)), he added that the Syrian investigators when they realized that the catch that is between their hands is in fact ((Priceless)) they asked to bring investigators from the Soviet Union to come quickly to Damascus, for them to get very top secret and important information.

At the beginning of the displayed report some officers those whom served with Levinberg, they all assured his brilliance and sharp smart that it was enough to give him the plate number of any car for him to tell immediately its owner’s name.

Another officer said that Levinberg’s Colleagues officers at the secret unite tried their best to hide everything possible form him because they know how much he was smart even though he was always managed to find out everything and discover more and more.

Four long months and Levinberg was a very welcomed guest at the Syrian and Soviet intelligence, he exposed all the secrets that he knew, such as who spies on who, where are the locations that Israel spies and wiretaps?

Where and what are the most sensitive bases of the Israeli army or the security bases or buildings? who are the Generals, their names and all the information about them and their life and many, many more that can be imagined of secrets that he couldn’t tell at the televised interview about due to military censor scissors.

The TV report mentioned that Syrian and Soviet interrogators in Damascus and Moscow requested from him to write all the information that he knows, so he wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages that exposed all and most sacred secrets of the state of Israel, many of these secrets were unknown for many Israeli officers and it’s not been known except just for very few number of highest ranks, army generals and some of the political leaders.

Damages caused by him revealing these secrets that harmed the state of Israel did not occur never before nor after, a high-ranking officer, was serving with the «secrets vendor» said.

He continued: «A man like him, cause countless damages to national security, should be placed in a room alone, and provide him with a loaded gun for him to just finish the job», he means commits suicide.
The officer stressed that the military intelligence, despite the passage of 43 years on the case, «must NOT forgive Levinberg on his dark black conduct».

All the officers whom following up his case gathered on one opinion which Levinberg should’ve been commit suicide, on the other hand Levinberg said that he was the only son to his mother and live without a father and the real criminal according to him, not him nor his conducts, but those officer or officers that sent him to Mount Hermon, which he fell in captivity of the Syrian Army, he also reveals that he thought multiple times about committing suicide, he even tried, later he refused to speak more about these attempts without talking about the reason.

The televised report showed that, the secrets that he gave to the Syrian Army, in which the Syrian air force took advantage out of it immediately during October (Yom Kippur) 1973 war.

One of the retired generals of the Israeli army, said to the Israeli TV channel, suddenly all the Syrian officers despaired from the wiretaps along with the highest ranks Syrian officers, all of them suddenly vanished from every connection lines which caused us exorbitant damages regarding facing the Syrian Air force during the war, he mentioned that the Syrian Air force did extremely well job and surprise us time after time, he then said: «Only after the prisoner of war exchange deal and the return of Levinberg, we knew the reason«.

Another retired Israeli general described the case that, it’s the worst and most dangerous spying case occurred in Israel that the State of Israel was a victim since its establishment in 1948.

Actually there is another big one that could be that bad which is the spying case of former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s personal adviser ((Israel Pierre)) who was caught spying for the Soviet Union in the late fifties and early sixties.

The same retired Israeli general continued saying that «The amount and the quality of the information and secrets that Levinberg did exposed cannot be for sure estimate the damages that caused by until this very day, perhaps it’s still so harmful on the state’s national security».

After the end of the war and after the prisoners of war exchange deal between Syria and Israel and Egypt and Israel, there in Tel Aviv they were waiting to see if Levinberg was died, after they saw him getting out from the plane, the correspondent who prepare the report insisted that once they saw him getting out from the plane alive, they realized that Mossad is in big trouble, after several days, the appointed officer that was assigned to follow his case and interrogate him said, that we moved him to a safe house in Tel Aviv, there for the upcoming four months, interrogation was on with him, the officer added that «I’ve immediately knew that he exposed everything he knows of very crucial and important secrets to the Syrians, even the Prime minister back then Mrs. Golda Meir requested to meet him and she did and talked to him.

He also appointed that Levinberg should’ve been killed himself «to clean up the shame away from him, the intelligence service and the State».

Levinberg case report increased huge storm among the military intelligence, that they deliberately not to publish any personal details about the prisoner of war who gave Israel’s Secrets to Syria, including his age, whether he’s married and has children, or where he live? But Levinberg, did went out into the light for about twenty minutes after 43 years in the dark.

Israel did have many issues that must really take care about in order to survive with mentioning after the almost end of the founders generation and many of the next generation leaders fell in corruption and misconduct of every kind such as the former president Moshe Katsav and former prime minister Ehud Olmert and former defense minister Yitzhak Mordechai and many other leaders and officials.

Israel is inside big inferno and in order to live in peace and stay away of get evolve in regions conflicts to insure it safety.

So the Current leader must take responsibility to reform and work for real, and again for real and genuine peace.

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