The Israeli army is preparing for a possible scenario, following an attack that it might carry out in Iran, involving the fall of dozens of Israeli victims and the destruction of hundreds of sites in the country, in scenes that Israel hasn’t witnessed since its establishment.

According to Israeli Walla website, a week after the Israeli army launched a comprehensive military maneuver, called “The Overwhelming Fist”.

It simulated in a War Game of multi-front war, a maneuver during which Israeli air strikes were carried out, in several places, including Iran.

According to the Israeli Channel 12, on Monday, Israel asked the United States for new guarantees that would ensure Israel’s military superiority in the region.

The Israeli army trained on and in response to the Israeli attacks in Iran, missiles will be launched towards Israel from Iran, and from Shiite militias loyal to Iran from Iraq and Syria, and from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

According to their estimations, in such a case, most of the casualties will be in Israel’s northern regions.

The Home Front Command trained on a situation that, as a result of the range of rockets, missiles, and heavy warheads, killed about a hundred civilians on the home front, and wounded about a thousand.

In such case, the Israeli authorities will face more than a thousand destruction sites, 500 of which are in a severe condition.

This scenario also included damage to the electricity and water infrastructure, Israeli army bases, and population centers.

The Israeli security services stated that they had been trained to put an extreme situation in front of the Israeli air defense system.

With regard to a possible firing from Lebanon, it trained to deal with the firing of about 3 thousand rockets from there, in the first few days.

An investigation conducted to assess the military maneuver and draw lessons from it showed that there is a scenario for a mass evacuation of citizens from north to south.

As part of drawing lessons, it was decided to establish headquarters for the Home Front Command, under whose umbrella soldiers who don’t serve in military units would work, in order to help provide social welfare assistance, and with regard to providing medicine and food to the population in the main evacuation centers.

A proposal also submitted to the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, stipulating those citizens who leave the north of the country, in their own cars, will receive them independently; Government assistance to finance their stay in guesthouses or hotels.

Accroding to Walla website who quoted an Israeli security source as saying, “We’ve practiced an extremist scenario, and we are preparing for it with the utmost seriousness”.

He stated that “the ability to ignite a fire on the home front, from several foci, on such a large scale; It results in a large amount of sites which were damaged due to the war and a scale of destruction that Israel hasn’t witnessed since the establishment of the state”.

The same source added that such a scenario would harm the functional continuity of Israel, in forms such as power outages.

In this regard, he said, “We saw what happened a week and a half ago, when there was no electricity in half of the country”.

He stated that such a scenario would lead to the destruction of multiple sites and casualties, to an extent not witnessed by Israel.

The same source said that Israel would face various challenges, such as individuals who will leave the basic vital sites, due to fear of missile strikes, and destruction, such as workers in hospitals, pharmacies, drivers, and workers in infrastructure companies, and this will harm the functional continuity of the economy.

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