US grand jury will recommend indictments in an investigation involving Trump along with number of his aides


A US grand jury investigating Donald Trump’s campaign interference in the 2020 election has recommended a number of charges be indicted, his spokeswoman revealed, in the clearest indication yet of the potential legal troubles the former president faces as he seeks for another term.

Emily Kors presented to local and national media the findings of this grand jury in Georgia, which has been examining for seven months whether Trump broke the law.

Kors said that it’s not a short list, referring to the persons and crimes mentioned in the final report of the authority, without mentioning any name included on, as more than a dozen people are involved.

“There’re certainly names that you know, yes, and there are also names that you may not know,” Kors added.

Prosecutors spent two years investigating whether Trump and his allies committed crimes during an attempt to overturn his defeat in Georgia by Joe Biden by less than 12,000 votes.

Known targets include Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s former attorney, and 16 Republican operatives who claimed to be presidential voters to sign documents falsely certifying that the 76-year-old Republican won the state.

Kors didn’t reveal whether Trump, who has announced his candidacy for the race to the White House next year, is among those recommended by the commission for indictment.

But she told the New York Times that she wouldn’t be shocked by the jury’s findings.

The commission, with its 23 members, relied on the testimonies of 75 witnesses, including a number of close associates of Trump, such as Mark Meadows and Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham and Giuliani.

A Georgia judge last week allowed three finalized chapters of the grand jury report to be released, revealing that members found no evidence of massive voter fraud, undercutting Trump’s assertion that he was robbed of the election.

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