US Colonel: We believes that two American soldiers were killed in Kiev after the destruction of the Patriot battery


Retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, a former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense, said that the US military may have suffered losses in manpower when a Russian missile destroyed the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system in Kiev.

“The truth is war, if the Patriot battery is destroyed near Kiev, which is what actually happened, then the close personnel will also be liquidated, and I am sure that we have lost personnel from Our army is there”.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, last Wednesday that Russian forces destroyed a multifunctional radar station and 5 Patriot missiles launchers in Kiev using Kinzhal missiles.

The statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that according to reliable data, on May 16, and as a result of a missile strike carried out using the hypersonic Kinzhal missiles in Kiev, a multifunctional radar station was hit and completely destroyed, in addition to 5 Patriot missiles launchers.

On, Thursday, the Pentagon’s deputy press secretary, Sabrina Singh, confirmed that the United States had provided “some assistance” to Ukraine to repair the damaged Patriot air defense system.

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