United States Treasury Department sanctions Turkish Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice

Crisis is still raging between Turkey and the United States on the back of several issues, the most important issue of the deal to deliver F-35 Turkey, which is prevented by the United States to continue to punish Turkey for its rapprochement with Russia and purchase of the S-400 missile system.

Also the crisis of the American reverent held in Turkey, Andrew Branson, accused of helping Fathullah Gulen in the coup attempt in 2016.

A Turkish court on Tuesday refused to lift the house arrest of a US reverent accused of terrorist activities and espionage, according to the Turkish Anadolu News Agency.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly called for the release of Rev. Branson, and the threat of sanctions against Turkey, while Ankara has replied that it was in this case subjected to US sanctions will take countermeasures.

While Turkey is still demanding that the US administration extradite Islamic preacher Fathullah Gulen who is in the United States, which the United States ignores.

A decision by the US Treasury Department was announced today, published on the Treasury Department website, with sanctions against Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul and Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.

The sanctions come as a start to rising tension between Turkey and the United States, which is expected to escalate in the coming days, especially after the imposition of sanctions on the two Turkish ministers.

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