On Thursday morning, Ukrainian drones were shot down near Moscow, the Rostov region in the south and the Bryansk region in the southwest.

According to Russian TASS news agency, this resulted in damage to three buildings in the city of Rostov and one person was injured when one of the drones crashed in the city center.

The other drone crashed in Rostov, outside the city.

In Bryansk, debris from a drone among two that were destroyed smashed windows at a railway station and damaged cars nearby.

On the other hand, on Thursday, strikes by Russian drones damaged the infrastructure of the port in odessa, and grain silo and administrative buildings in the Ishmael region of Odessa.

Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine’s grain export infrastructure amid talks on resuming the Black Sea grain deal to allow unimpeded grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

The Ukrainian military stated that the air defenses had shot down 25 of the 33 drones it said were launched by Russia.

The Ukrainian military added that most of the drones targeted the Odessa region, but some also targeted the Sumy region in the north.

In the same context, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday, that the United States supplying Ukraine with weapons containing depleted uranium is a “criminal act”.

Ryabkov said Russia continues to maintain contacts on humanitarian issues with Washington, but doesn’t work with it on major issues.

The Pentagon announced a new security assistance package to Ukraine amounting to $175 million, including depleted uranium munitions for the Abrams tanks.

This is the first time that the United States has sent the controversial armor-piercing munitions to Kiev.

Last week, Reuters was the first to report that these munitions, which may help destroy Russian tanks, will form part of a new military aid package for Ukraine.

The Pentagon said on Wednesday that the military assistance would also include anti-tank systems, tactical air navigation systems and additional ammunition for HIMARS missile systems.

This announcement coincides with the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Kiev to show support for it, as the counterattack it is launching against Russian forces enters its fourth month, without achieving only limited gains.

During the visit, Blinken announced new aid to Ukraine with a total value exceeding one billion dollars, which includes military and civil security assistance of more than $665 million, and support of millions of dollars for Ukrainian air defenses and other areas.

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