Former US intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, stated that the Ukrainian armed forces are losing their combat cohesion in Kharkov province, which will lead to their imminent collapse.

Scott Ritter, in an interview with journalist Garland Nixon, said on YouTube: “I think the meltdown is really imminent… In the north and around Kobyansk, we’re starting to see cracks in Ukraine’s fighting cohesion”.

Ritter also indicated that the conflict had entered its final phase, and that the destruction of trained units trained by the West and newly mobilized Ukrainian forces would lead to the collapse of the Ukrainian Kiev army.

He added, “Once we put an end to the current ‘counterattack’ in the worst sense of the word, and all the elite units are killed, I think we will see the Russians start to apply pressure and move forward, and also the collapse of the Ukrainian army”.

According to the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who said on Tuesday, that the Ukrainian forces have lost more than 66,000 soldiers and 7,600 weapons since the start of the so-called counter-offensive.

Shoigu also confirmed that the Ukrainian army failed to achieve its objectives, during the three months, of the counterattack.

The Russian Defense Minister continued, “The Ukrainian armed forces haven’t achieved their goals in any of the regions, the Ukrainian leadership is desperately trying to show Western secretaries at least some success in offensive operations in order to obtain more military and economic assistance, which only leads to prolongation of the conflict”.

It’s worth mentioning that it was announced earlier this week that the Ukrainian forces lost the first British Challenger 2 tank, which were newly equipped with.

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