Ukrainian counterattack in Bakhmut as Wagner forces confirm one kilometer left to the town center


The Russian army continues to try to establish control over territory in Ukraine, while the Kiev forces resist with military support from the West.

Ukraine announced the continuation of Russian attacks on several fronts in the east, stressing that Bakhmut is still the main focus of fighting, and revealed that the death toll of Russian soldiers has risen since the beginning of the war until Sunday.

The Ukrainian General Staff said that the Russian forces are trying to penetrate the Ukrainian defenses in the cities of Avdiivka, Marinka and Shakhtar, in Donetsk Province, and Kobyansk in Kharkiv Province, and that the Ukrainian forces are confronting them.

The Ukrainian General Staff said that Russian Air Force bombed more than 50 towns in the east and south of the country during the past 24 hours.

On the other hand, Russian media said that the Ukrainian forces are trying to launch counterattacks on the positions of Wagner forces in Bakhmut, as fierce battles are taking place all over the town and are getting closer to its center, and that the Ukrainian forces are pushing more support for their forces in Bakhmut, noting that Wagner’s forces continue to advance despite the ferocity of the battles.

Bakhmut remains the focus of fierce fighting, as Russia has made control of Bakhmut a priority in its strategy to control the industrial Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

Bakhmut has been badly damaged by the fighting that has been going on for months, as Russia launches frequent attacks.

In same context, Ukraine said that Russia has kept nine warships, including two missile carriers, on combat alert in the Black Sea off Crimea, indicating that the possibility of missile attacks still exists.

The Ukrainian News Agency quoted a spokeswoman for the Southern Military Command as saying: “Currently, nine warships from the entire naval group have been detected in the Black Sea, including two missile carriers, and they can be armed with 16 Caliber missiles, and the rest of the missile carriers, including submarines, had been moved to their bases”.

On the ground, the Ukrainian military said that Ukrainian forces outside Bakhmut were still able to halt the advance of Russian units, allowing ammunition, food, equipment and medicine to be delivered to the forces defending the town.

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